About Us

Living Roots Eco Design was started in 2018 by our Founder and Owner, Amanda Streets. After years in public education, she wanted to inspire families to take better care of themselves and the Earth through gardening and landscaping. Traditional landscape practices involve using power tools and are labor intensive. Then there are chemicals applied to maintain their tidy appearance, without giving anything of value back to the land or the environment. 

Living Roots Eco Design’s goal is to offer an alternative to these practices. Now, more than ever, it is important to restore land, even yards in urban spaces, to being healthy and productive. We will guide you to plant Florida native and Florida friendly plants, rejuvenate your yards and gardens, and plant food for your family. And most of all, learn how to DIY and care of your landscapes and gardens naturally without sacrificing beauty.

Pinellas Community Compost is an initiative of Living Roots. When we first opened our doors, we offered compost classes and private consultations so Pinellas Community Composting Alliance was born. We’ve since shortened the name to Pinellas Community Compost. PCC offers composting classes, guest speaking, and consulting services to set up compost systems and initiatives for schools, businesses, and institutions.

What People Say

We have loved transforming our yard from grass into native and edible plants! We had no experience with landscaping, but Amanda Streets’ detailed instructions made it easy for us to follow. It will be fun to watch everything grow! Only problem we have is deer eating it, but our motion detector sprinklers have mostly solved that problem. We live in an HOA community, but there are many yards here with landscaping other than just grass.

Michelle S.

Amanda is an awesome educator and person. She has been so helpful with getting us started composting and gardening. She is excellent at teaching you in an easy to understand way that makes the learning process even more enjoyable. She is great with little ones and gets them involved and interested. We highly recommend Amanda and Living Roots Eco Design for learning about sustainable urban gardening, composting and everything that goes with it! Thank you for all your help Amanda! See you soon!

Jason E.

We are very pleased with our Living Roots Eco Design experience. We recently moved into an new home and Amanda provided great advice and support on how to get started growing organic herbs and veggies in our backyard. She is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work and it shows. The best part is that the work she does is good for the environment! Thank you, Amanda!

Laura G.

Let’s grow together.

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