Garden Education

We want to see you accomplish your garden and landscape goals. From garden newbies starting their first raised garden bed to a homeowner trying to convert from using chemicals to a more natural approach, we have classes, consultations, and garden coaching to guide you in the right direction.

We specialize in:

Eco-friendly landscaping with native and Florida friendly plants

Edible landscapes and vegetable gardens

Food forests and perennial edible plants

Gardening with children including integrating educational activities into the garden


Attend in-person and virtual garden, landscape and home food preservation classes with Living Roots Eco Design. These classes are designed to give you the skills to get started on your path to self-sufficiency while helping you to make the best choices for our ecosystem.


Sometimes you need a professional to help you sort through your ideas, offer guidance to narrow down priorities, and develop a manageable plan to turn your dreams into reality. We will apply landscape design, conservation and regenerative permaculture techniques to help you achieve your goals.

Garden Coach

Do you want to take care of your own landscape or garden but don’t know how? It can be intimidating to get started. You may not even know what questions to ask. If you want to learn more about plants, their needs, and how to nurture your landscape and gardens, you don’t have to do it alone.

Let’s grow together.

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