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Our DIY Plan for Your Florida Landscape and Garden

Let us help you save time and money with a Do It Yourself Plan.

Our DIY Plans are custom-designed for each client’s space and unique needs. With our guidance, there is no guesswork – everything you need to know to complete projects on your own is there in one handy location. You will be able to do a project here and there as your schedule and budget allows, without your yard looking like a work in progress.

DIY Plans include:

  • Your Florida landscape and garden divided into manageable weekend-sized projects
  • Projects arranged in a logical, sequential order of priority
  • Step-by-step directions
  • Material and plant lists and where to buy them
  • Example photos for inspiration
  • Custom-made concept designs
  • Links to our virtual self-paced classes so you can learn how to take care of your own Florida landscape and garden

Rates: Starting at $200 for a residential backyard

If you decide there are parts you don’t want to DIY, it’s easy to pinpoint exactly what you need help with. We can help with those projects or refer you to another great locally-owned business that offers those services.


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