Date(s) - 08/20/2022
10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Class – Backyard Food Security 

Class – Backyard Food Security

Here’s a crash course in growing food at home. We’ll go over:

  • The difference between annuals and perennials,
  • Which fruit trees and plants you should grow from cuttings or from a friend,
  • Trees you should purchase grafted from a reputable nursery,
  • How to prepare your soil for these different plants, and
  • Location and growing needs including containers.

Whether you’re pursuing a goal to be more sustainable, worried about the food supply or trying to reduce your grocery bill, this class will give you a quick glimpse to get you started. It’s designed for beginner to intermediate gardeners who have goals to grow a good amount of their own food at home.

Participants will have an option to purchase a “starter kit” of 10 cuttings, seeds, and small plants for $20 and receive 10% off edible plants the day of the course including fruit trees, veggies, herbs, and seeds. You’ll also have the option to schedule a home consultation with us for $25 off in Pinellas County.

Note the class is $25 – you can pay in person the day of, over the phone or over the computer. Just respond to our email with you preference.

This class will be taught by Amanda, owner of Living Roots. She’s a certified permaculture designer, certified Florida Friendly Landscaper, and lifelong gardener. Amanda grew up on a working farm growing all her family’s food, homestead style. She’s spent 20 years translating that into Florida’s urban/suburban subtropical growing seasons.

We’re looking forward to helping you on this journey!


This event is fully booked.

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