Landscape Management

We aren’t the typical landscape management company. We specialize in providing a holistic approach to plant and soil health through careful observation and skillful actions. To better serve you, we only employ team members with experience in organic gardening, native plant care and regenerative landscape maintenance.

Monthly Yard Maintenance

Whether you lack the skills, interest or time to help your landscape thrive, we are here to do the careful work of garden maintenance for you. Every landscape is unique and has its own set of care requirements. Our services could include weeding garden beds, shrub or hedge pruning, inspection for pests, applying compost or mulch as needed, vegetable garden care, fruit harvesting and permaculture-inspired soil-building methods.*

Vacation or Seasonal Grounds Keeper

Doesn’t it seem like your yard reverts back into a jungle while you’re away? Whether it’s a short vacation, you’re recovering from an injury or you only live here seasonally, we can help take care of your landscape when you are unable to. We offer watering, weeding, harvesting, turning compost and generally keeping your gardens alive and happy until you return.

This is a great option for people who live here seasonally but have fruit trees that produce fruit while you’re away. The fruit will be harvested and donated to a local food rescue group to provide relief to the many families suffering from food insecurity. Any inedible or fallen fruit will be removed and composted safely (on or off site, your preference) to prevent rodent infestations.

*We are happy to provide plant or tree replacement, garden planting, and design as separate services, however, they are not included in this maintenance plan. We are not a lawn care service and are unable to offer mowing, edging or weed eating services at this time.

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