Garden & Landspace design

Living Roots Eco Design offers personalized services to help you have the gardens and landscapes of your dreams. We specialize in edible landscapes, permaculture design, vegetable gardens and Florida native plants.

Our Services


Design & Installation


(Note that we do not offer mowing services.)

Sustainable Landscaping

To the average homeowner, traditional landscape practices can be labor-intensive, laden with synthetic chemicals, and costly. Living Roots Eco Design was created to design landscapes better fit for a sustainable lifestyle of healthy growing.

Healthier Green Spaces

Living Roots Eco Design offers an alternative to conventional practices by restoring, building, and improving existing ecosystems. Now, more than ever, it is important to restore green spaces to healthy and productive.

Why Choose Us?

We use ecologically beneficial techniques to create outdoor spaces that are highly productive, low maintenance and beautiful. Our solutions are based on science and research. We start with the soil, to make sure that you are set up for success from the very beginning.

Let's Grow Together

We strive to offer hard to find products for serious gardeners. Whether it’s plants, fertilizers, or garden gadgets, we have a few things you may not have seen before

Florida Friendly Landscaping Program Certified Professional