Our Approach

We value Florida’s unique climate and ecology. Through careful plant selection, maintenance practices and by embracing locally grown food, we can make sure that it remains a healthy, beautiful place for future generations.


Florida is unique in that it is actually in the sub-tropics, not a temperate climate zone like the rest of the country. We can grow a plethora of exotic plants that transform our yards into tropical paradises. The problem with this common practice is that many of those plants are invasive or don’t provide food sources for wildlife or people. To achieve ecological benefit, your landscape needs to benefit the environment.

Whether you choose to plant native plants for beauty and wildlife habitat, or an edible garden or food forest, you will be contributing to the improvement of our ecosystem.

Most fresh produce travels many miles, even crossing oceans, to get to your table. This results in energy consumption at every level: the farm, transportation, refrigeration and packaging. The more food you grow, especially organic food grown without synthetic fertilizers, the more carbon emissions you avoid. We are fortunate to have year-round growing seasons, so growing fresh fruits and vegetables in Florida is just makes sense.

Interview and Observation

Each new client relationship begins with a site analysis and interview to determine what your practical needs are, and what dreams and goals you may have. With this information, we are able to provide a unique guided plan that joins the protection biodiversity to functionality.


Every good project starts out with an organized plan. It’s easy to start one thing, then another and another without finishing any of them. Our Landscape Plan prioritizes your projects in order of importance or your preference, including the behind the scenes aspects that many DIY projects overlook. We provide resources, referrals if needed, and step-by-step directions for each component.


We understand that some people want or need more support than others. The different levels of educational guidance that Living Roots Eco Design offers are intended to meet each person where you are, and help you grow from there. Classes, virtual coaching, and garden mentoring are available to help you on the path to the landscape of your dreams.

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