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Home composting will reduce your garbage and create healthy soil for plants. It’s not hard – just save your food scraps, learn a few basic composting skills and you’ll be on your way to composting!

Our Services

Pinellas Community Compost is an educational entity. We provide compost classes, compost program development, and consulting services for others who are composting, at a small and large scale. Contact us to schedule private classes or inquire about our consulting services. Visit our course schedule for in-person classes.

Our client list includes schools, colleges, businesses, municipal departments, small farms, and community gardens. View our project portfolio here.

We do not provide compost collection, distribution or processing at this time.

Why Compost?

• Improved soil health
• Reduced pesticide and chemical use
• Reduction in plant diseases
• Composting (instead of landfilling or incinerating) food waste reduces methane and other greenhouse gas emissions caused by the rotting food waste
• Compost helps sequester carbon in the soil and can help reverse climate change.

Downloadable Documents
Compost and the Environment

Compost is more than a soil amendment for vegetable gardens. According to Project Drawdowncompost is a solution to reverse climate change. When coupled with food waste reduction, local food production, and regenerative agriculture, it is a very powerful tool for sequestering carbon and reversing climate change. 

In the new Drawdown Review, an update to the original research project, compost’s position as a tool to reverse global warming was elevated. It is available open-sourced at Project Drawdown’s website (linked above).

Compost Research and Education Foundation Resources

These documents are excerpts from full publications. The complete documents can be purchased HERE.

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