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Home composting will reduce your garbage and create healthy soil for your plants. It’s not hard – just save your food scraps, learn a few basic composting skills and you’ll be on your way to composting!

We offer a range of composting services in partnership with Pinellas Community Compost, from small-scale backyard composting to larger-scale urban farms.

Backyard Composting Benefits:

  • Compost returns nutrients to the soil, such as phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen, and many trace minerals, which are slowly released and contribute to healthy plant growth.
  • Compost is a natural fertilizer.
  • Compost improves plant health and soil health – even grass benefits from compost!
  • Compost can eliminate the need for fertilizers which results in less runoff into our waterways.
  • Compost suppresses weed growth.
  • Compost helps control erosion and protects plant roots from sun and wind damage.
  • Compost increases water retention.
  • Compost helps reduce soil diseases.

Pinellas Community Composting Alliance is an initiative of Living Roots Eco Design, LLC.

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