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Growing Up Gardening Series

All Virtual Courses will be recorded and sent out via email for your review or viewing for those of you who couldn’t attend the live session.

Vegetable Gardening Course - Garden for busy families

Greens Garden for Busy Families- June 3rd at 8pm

Growing Up Gardening Class 3: There is nothing easier or more rewarding nutrition or cost-savings wise, than growing perennial greens. Plant them once in the right location and they will give and give for years to come. Many perennial greens are actually higher in vitamins and minerals than the veggies at the store, and they have the benefit of being homegrown. Learn which perennial greens to plant, and what growing conditions they need to thrive.


Vegetable Gardening Course - Gardening with young children

Gardening Success with Young Children – June 10th at 8pm

Gardening with kids is joyful and rewarding, and is SO GOOD for them developmentally. It's easy to forget all this when they are stepping on or pulling out plants. This class will guide you to implement strategies into your garden and outdoor routines to help your child experience garden success, and reduce your anxiety about gardening with your children.


Integrating Learning into the Garden – June 17th at 8pm

Are you homeschooling or trying to expand your child's knowledge of nature? A home garden (or community garden) is a great place to integrate math, science, art and language arts concepts without making it SEEM like school. This class will help you as a home educator to be able to recognize "teachable moments" and respond thoughtfully. This class will be great for those caring for children up until about 13 years old.


Planting a Food Forest on a Shoestring Budget Virtual Class Series

Planting a Food Forest on a Shoestring Budget Virtual Class Series Package

This is a 4 part class series taught live on Tuesdays at 8pm. June 16th-July 7th. You can purchase the classes as a package or separately. They include - Plant Propagation for Beginners, Building Your Soil, High Yielding Fruit Trees, and Edible Florida Native Plants.


Plant Propagation for Beginners – June 16th at 8pm

Learning how to propagate your own cuttings will save you so much money on new plants, plus allow you to trade your plants with fellow gardeners. You will learn how to take cuttings and care for them. We have 4 featured perennial edible plants that grow extremely easily from cuttings which are available locally in Pinellas County for those who are registered for this class and interested in trying out your new skills.


Building Your Soil – June 23rd at 8pm

Soil is the foundation and most important part of any successful garden or food forest project. Unfortunately, it is often the most overlooked as well. Learn how to turn your sandy yard into rich soil that will help your garden or food forest have fewer pest issues, better protection from disease and produce more food for you.


High Yielding Fruit trees - Vegetable gardening class

High Yielding Fruit Trees – June 30th at 8pm

Fruit trees are the most rewarding component in a food forest. They provide shade, shelter for wildlife, and food for you. This class will teach you about which trees will do well in Central Florida AND produce incredibly large amounts of fruit. With careful selection, you will be able to stagger the fruiting time to have fresh fruit year round with enough to eat fresh, share with neighbors, and preserve for later.


Edible Florida Native Plants - Vegetable gardening course

Edible Florida Native Plants – July 7th at 8pm

Native plants feed wildlife and attract pollinators, an important component of any successful food forest or garden. We are fortunate to have many beautiful AND edible Florida native plants, which will encourage natural pest control, curb appeal and provide food for you. PLEASE NOTE that this is not a wild foraging talk. We will be introducing you to plants that are commonly available as landscaping plants that happen to be native to Florida.


Food Preservation Classes

The JOY of Preserving Food at Home – Recorded Class and Resource Page

This virtual class goes over the basics of dehydrating, canning, freezing and fermenting food., and what you can make with each of the different methods. We cover tools and equipment needed too.


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