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We are transitioning all of our class recordings over to Teachable. This will allow you to have a personal log-in and password for easy access to any class that you take with Living Roots Eco Design and Pinellas Community Compost. We hope that you hope you find this new platform user-friendly and convenient.

The Joy of Preserving Food at Home

Learn the basics to easily freeze, dehydrate, water bath can, and ferment in this virtual class.


Advanced Composting Techniques Recording

Learn all about larger than tumbler composting for food forests, small farms, and community gardens. We'll discuss thermal composting procedures, getting hot enough, long enough to sterilize weed seeds and reduce pathogens, and composting safety.


Vegetable Gardening Course - Garden for busy families

Greens Gardens for Busy Families Recording

It is entirely possible to grow enough greens for a salad or stir fry a few nights a week. Or even to grow ALL of the greens that your family eats. This class goes over a bunch of different leafy green plants that you can plant. We'll go over different annual leafy greens and when to plant them, as well as several types of perennials that you can add to your garden and landscape.


Integrating Learning into the Garden Recording

As caregivers, it's important to provide your child experiences to support their learning and development. Our modern busy lifestyle sometimes gets in the way of authentic experiences, and you may need to pre-plan them a little. This class will show you how to maximize nature and garden time to expose children in authentic ways to math, science, and engineering. We'll also touch on sensory and social-emotional development.


Vegetable Gardening Course - Gardening with young children

Gardening Success with Young Children Recording

Discover the joy in gardening with your children! Yes, I said JOY! It can be frustrating and overwhelming when young children try to help with garden projects, but with some pre-planning and patience, you can help your kids learn how to garden while getting some work accomplished yourself too.


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