How to Access Our Zoom Classes

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Thank you for joining Living Roots Eco Design for a live virtual class. We use Zoom’s webinar platform to host these classes for security and ease of use. Here’s a brief guide to help you learn how to access our Zoom classes, and what you can expect when you sign up for a course with us.

Please note: We do open all of our online classes and webinars up 10 minutes early to allow everyone time to log in and get situated. If you think you might need help, log in early so that we can assist you. Facebook Messenger or email is best. Once the live class begins, we are unable to help log-in. Don’t worry – this rarely happens and can be avoided if you check to be sure you have your log-in info and have downloaded Zoom ahead of time.

Plus, you will get the class recording by email. We welcome questions by email or phone after you watch the class.

Download Zoom Before the Class

You will need to download Zoom on your device and make an account. Both are free, and it should be a quick process. Click HERE to download Zoom now.

What to Expect When You Purchase a Virtual Class

You should immediately receive a receipt from Paypal for your purchase and an email from Zoom with your access instructions, including your personal link to join the class and a password. This is auto-generated. If you don’t receive it within about 30 minutes, check your Spam Folder. You may want to search for our owner’s email address It is not case sensitive.

A reminder email is sent the day before the class and about an hour before the class starts. These emails also have your access link and the password to join.

Common Issues We Have Seen:

  • Errors in your email address when you register. Many people have their Paypal account information saved in their phone. Zoom uses Paypal for payment. If you type in your email address into Zoom incorrectly, your Paypal may be charged, but you would not receive the link from Zoom to join the class or the class recording since we send it directly from Zoom. If you don’t receive your link to join the class, please contact us immediately to fix this. It is not a quick fix but we are happy to work on it, provided we have a few hours notice before the class.
  • Your class confirmation email went to spam. Check your spam folder, perhaps searching for Living Roots Eco Design. Mark our email address as “safe” or add it your list of approved contacts to prevent this from happening in the future.
  • Your confirmation email arrived but you may not have seen it. Do a quick search for the class name or our email address, If you don’t see it, contact us and we can resend it.
  • Users pay with one email address, but register for Zoom with a different email address. This is completely fine to do. It does mean that your receipt and your email with the class access information will go to separate email accounts.

Note: You may need to open the Zoom app and then click the link to join the session for some mobile devices.

What to Expect After Our Live Class

Every virtual event that Living Roots Eco Design presents is recorded. Those recordings are sent to everyone who registers 24 hours after the class whether you attended or not. Some of our classes include a number of e-resources. You will be prompted to set up a free account on our Teachable page, and enroll in this online class using the coupon code that we send to you after the live class. You do not need to pay for it again.

If you are having trouble figuring out how to access our Zoom class recordings, just email or call us. We’re happy to walk you through it.

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