Sensible Garden Hurricane Prep

If there’s one thing that puts a gardener on edge, it’s the threat of a hurricane or tropical storm. Your landscape and gardens are your oasis, your happy place… The threat of a storm wiping that all out in a day is depressing… Follow our guide for some sensible ways to prepare your garden andContinue reading “Sensible Garden Hurricane Prep”

Urban Homestead Beginner

It’s no secret that the CO-VID pandemic prompted a lot of folks to start gardens. Some people were concerned about the food supply – crops were unharvested, rotting in the field. Grocery shelves were empty. Others were trying to find a socially distant past time to keep themselves and the kids busy out of theContinue reading “Urban Homestead Beginner”

What to Plant in August

When people tell you “nothing grows in Florida summers” don’t listen! There are so many delicious and easy-to-grow crops that you can enjoy this time of year, and it’s the perfect time to begin planning and planting for your fall Florida garden. The key to any productive garden is a good foundation. Healthy soil willContinue reading “What to Plant in August”